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The Bionic Hamburger

marți, 4 decembrie 2007
Posted by Star

After this video I will think twice before choosing between McDonalds and KFC.

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I would too if I had any idea what that long list of ingredients means. I'm pretty sure even my mom's zacusca would make a quite creepy list of chemical elements and such. But then again... that's not a brand name. :-)

Star spunea...

true true:) you like mc donalds stuff?..

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I like any food that looks good and is there at the time of need - except romanian and dutch cuisine. :P
And the fact that mcDonalds tastes exactly the same anywhere you'd buy it (except the Obor one) is a plus for them. Another plus would be that it's the only fast-food chain that is open 24/7 and I don't like shaorma.
So yep, much <3 for McDonalds! :D