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The Add to Favorites-bar

miercuri, 5 decembrie 2007
Posted by Star

Another thing you can add to your site or blog is the "add to favorites"-bar (u can see it above all my posts)
So....the script for that bar is the following one:
you have to change the "star3"-text in the script with the name you want to apear to someone who wants to add your blog to his list of bookmarks/favorite sites.
You can add this script where you want on your page.

If you want to add this script to your blog and want to make it appear every time you post something you should go to: Settings>Formatting>Template for the article(I have attached some print-screen for more informations).
If u have any questions or anything else.....or suggestions for other tutorials.....or if u want to know something else....don`t hesitate to comment or contact...

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